The Clinic

Look good. Feel good. Be healthy.

Our purpose at the iBody is to empower each client by sharing how to live healthy and robust lives free from disease in order to experience energy, vitality, and wellness. Our name is a message for Innovation for the Body but also, I take responsibility for my Body : iBody. We all share the same responsibility and our message is clear,

Starting at our clinic in the idyllic and beautiful community of San Marino, California, the iBody is committed to motivating our clients to be as passionate as we are about enjoying and living healthy, balanced lifestyles. We start from “inner health” and work towards outer beauty with the best strategies that are proven and tested to improve your current state of health and prevent age-related problems.

Our transformative, holistic medical approach to health educates and guides you towards safe, effective health solutions bolstered by innovative aesthetic, anti-aging, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapies.

Dr. Roberto Tostado’s proven treatment plans are tailored especially for you to help you reach your goals towards true wellness and beauty. The iBody delivers truly transformative results to dramatically enhance your health and happiness.

Through the lifestyle practices we purport, we are able to reduce and eliminate medication and their toxic side effects in our clients. Patients understand that they have a choice to be healthy, not just succumb to disease and endless prescriptions. Health is about energy and productivity, not dependence and deterioration.