An Introduction to Body Purification

by Dr. Roberto Tostado

My mission as a physician is not only to heal but to show every client how to live a healthy, robust, disease-free life and experience energy, vitality, and wellness.

I created the Clean Transformation as a way to inspire my patients to take the first step to experiencing true health. By learning how food relates to our bodies, we can maintain balanced hormonal levels, liver function, and fat metabolism. The restored health, energy, and confidence that you will experience make this 3-week detox a worthwhile endeavor.

For the thousands of people who have experienced the cleanse, the end of their 21 days is a light bulb moment that makes them healthier beings.

My years in traditional medicine inspired me to promote health, longevity, and vitality with the simple idea that food is our medicine. My lifelong journey has revealed that healing is found in nature, and our awareness of this connection will nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits back to health.